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My name is Ollie and I am an Advanced Australian & UK PGA Golf Professional as well as David Leadbetter Certified Coach.

Tap into my insights and wisdom gained from over 20 years of learning from some of the game’s leading coaches around the world.

Take your game to places you have only dreamed of, and experience the true enjoyment which is available to you through this beautiful game!

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Coaching Tailored To All Your Needs

Everyone has a reason for wanting to improve. It doesn’t matter what the reason is or what your goal is, however it is essential to have an idea of where it is you want to go before you start this journey!

Do any of these goals sound familiar?

    • More consistency
    • More distance
    • Straighter shots
    • Lower handicap
    • More confidence on & off the golf course
    • Better physical & mental health
    • More social interaction
    • Bragging rights with your friends
    • Saying YES to playing instead of making excuses


Whether you have set clear goals or aren’t sure what your goals are, I will help you improve your golf with my tailored coaching, which is bespoke to your individual needs, helping you to move forward in the right direction

Why Choose Me?

World class facilities on the famous Melbourne Sandbelt

A beautiful and inspiring space to develop your skill set. This is complemented by state-of-the-art technology providing you with the opportunity to develop more skills and lower your handicap.

Certified Professional Golf Coach

With Over 20 years of experience, I am a Certified Advanced Australian & UK PGA member and a David Leadbetter Coach.

Golf Coaching is My Passion

I love golf, but I also have a passion for helping people. It's why I love coaching, and your success is my success in helping you become a better golfer.

Let's Get You To Feel Confident With Your Golf

The most common goal I hear from people is to have ‘more consistency’ with their golf game. What I have been able to understand over the years is that it’s not more consistency which people are looking for it is in fact ‘more skill’.

As Tiger Woods states ‘success breeds confidence’

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