With a clear goal set from the start, these one-on-one sessions will give us the time and space to better understand where improvements can be made, followed by a personal plan of action to achieve your desired result.

Do You Feel You Should Be Better Than Your Handicap Suggests?

  • Sick and tired of slicing into the trees?
  • Frustrated with having no consistency from round to round?
  • Hit it great on the range but can’t transfer it to the course?
  • Sick of handing money over to your friends?
  • Don’t understand where you are going wrong?

With world-class facilities including a fully turfed practice ground, multiple bunkered short game areas and a huge putting green, you can’t help but be inspired by these beautiful surroundings.

These sessions will be tailored to meet your specific goals complemented with state-of-the-art technology including Trackman, SamBalance Lab Pressure Plates, and K-Vest 3D motion sensors.

You will feel and taste success from the moment you hit your first shot!


The flagship coaching program – With a formula for success which has been gathered from over 20 years of coaching, the Monthly Coaching Program (MCP) guarantees success.

If you have the passion to improve, are goal focused and like to be held accountable then this coaching program is aimed at you!

By setting clear short and long-term goals you will be mentored into reaching those goals by being held accountable throughout my coaching.

Monthly Coaching Program structure:

  • 2 Hour individual on course playing lesson.
  • 2 x 90-minute group practice/coaching sessions (max 4 people)
  • Your own personalised CoachNow space to view and comment on all swing reviews and updates.


Depending on your requirements and what you are looking to achieve from playing golf, group sessions could be the perfect opportunity to improve your skills on the golf course. It is also a great opportunity for you to meet and socialise with like-minded people.

These small intimate group sessions are fun, informative and social, making them the perfect introduction to sharpening your skill base on all the shots needed to play golf well.

We will work through my structured program which covers the full swing including irons & woods, chipping & pitching, bunkers & putting.

Learn the fundamentals, which makes the practice undertaken in your own time productive and more rewarding. You will be introduced to various skills challenges which are designed to not only improve your game but make the whole learning journey more enjoyable and engaging.

All our sessions will be undertaken on state-of-the-art practice facilities and in the backdrop of truly magnificent and picturesque surroundings making the whole learning experience a unique opportunity.

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